Love Thy Memories


The symbol of the r e b e l l i o n.

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I don’t ask much Tumblr…
But this Saturday 4.19.14 
My bands first single, and vinyl Record comes out!
It will feature 2 new tracks as well as a drop card to download the entire album. (6 Tracks)

We’ve worked really hard to get here.

Could you help us by reblogging and maybe liking our page!

It means the world to me!

Pete’s band is pretty legit.

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Every person in the crowd presses the three middle fingers of their left hand against their lips and extends them to me.

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Some walks you have to take alone.

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[1/4] :  The Hunger Games

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"One look at the wound and I know it’s far beyond my capacity to heal. Beyond anyone’s, probably. The spearhead is buried up to the shaft in her stomach. I crouch before her, staring helplessly at the embedded weapon.There’s no point in comforting words, in telling her she’ll be all right. She’s no fool.”

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